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When the good place, good light and good eye find each other - the photo is born.
     - Mike Reyfman

World Photo Travels



Start: September 14, 2022 | Reykjavik, Iceland

End: September 22, 2022 | Reykjavik, Iceland

Guides: Mike Reyfman, Yves Adams, Pieter-Jan D'Hondt

Price: € 8450   
Round trip flights from Reykjavik to Constable Point included

The Scoresby Sound in East Greenland is the largest fjord system in the world and the home to one of the most dramatic landscape settings on Earth. Icebergs like in Antarctica, mountain peaks like in Patagonia, fjords like in Norway all gathered in one place. Large mammals including Musk Ox, and Polar Bear, are also great highlights of the area. Photography expeditions rarely venture here and you will be one of an elite group of photographers that gets to experience it in person and capture it in photos and video.

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Start: November 7, 2022 | Houston, US

End: November 14, 2022 | Houston, US

Guides: Dmitry Arkhipov, Mike Reyfman

Price: $ 3900

Strange to say, but there still exist unusual places on the planet, not footworn by photographers. One of these places is the fabulous cypress swamps of Louisiana and Texas. Have a unique photo tour with us, where you can make pictures like nothing on earth! This tour has already been held in November 2017, 2018, and 2021, and according to many participants, it was the best photo tour for many years.

The itinerary is flexible and allows us to visit the most stunning locations scouted by Dmitry and Mike in advance.
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Start: February 1, 2023 | Leknes, Norway

End: Febryary 8, 2023 | Leknes, Norway

Guides: Mike Reyfman, Pavel Oskin

Price: $ 3950 Accommodation in single rooms

Picture-perfect fishing villages nestled between deep fjords, charismatic rugged mountains, amazing scenic beaches, and strings of bridges holding the mountains, beaches, and villages together combine to form awe-inspiring, photogenic scenery. Located well above the Arctic Circle at 68°N, these high-latitude islands bathed in February in low, soft, and "magic" Arctic twilight.

The winter, especially January and February, is the best time here to see Aurora Borealis.
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Start: October 13, 2023 | RAF Mount Pleasant, Falklands

End: October 28, 2023 | RAF Mount Pleasant, Falklands

Guides: Mike Reyfman, Dmitry Arkhipov, Marco Grassi, Svein Wik, Jens Wikström

Price: From $ 10095

South Georgia is one of the places on Earth where superlatives are born. The Pinnacle, the Culmination of Creation. A distant, isolated world, living by its own laws and rules. You won't find anything like that anywhere else. South Georgia is the best place on Earth for wildlife photographers.

Landscape lovers also won't have problems composing the frame. A group of penguins or elephant seals will give a scale to the powerful background of snow-capped peaks and glaciers.
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