When the good place, good light and good eye find each other - the photo is born.
     - Mike Reyfman
Photo Expeditions 2017
Start: July 14, 2017. Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway  
End: July 24, 2017. Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway
Guides: Mike Reyfman, Dmitry Arkhipov

Price: from US$8950    
Max: 12 persons   Available spots: 0


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A high Arctic archipelago situated between Norway and the North Pole, Svalbard is a place of deep fjords, snow-capped mountains, massive sheets of ice, and magnificent polar bears. Travel under the midnight sun aboard an arctic class ice-strengthened M/S Malmo in a small group, strictly limited to 12 guests, and search for the very symbol of the Arctic—the Polar bear»— and observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

The combination of a comfortable ship, the crew that has already made dozens of expeditions in this region, an experienced captain who knows how to approach the animals taking into account ice situation and light will give us many chances for an unforgettable hunting with a camera. Everything else is in the weather’s hands.

The whole ship is at our exclusive disposal and we decide where and how long we can stay and when to dine. We use 2 zodiacs (6-8 people per boat and not 12-14 as on standard cruises) to shoot wildlife, icebergs and landscape from the water and to go ashore. 2 armed guides travel with us in case of meeting the owners of the Arctic – Polar bears. So if anybody wants to shoot landscape from the shore, there will be such opportunity.

One of the main topics of our trip is wildlife» in the context of dramatic Northern scenery».

Nothing can prepare you for Svalbard. It is an incredible wilderness at the top of the world, a wildlife photographer’s dream and our goal during this photo safari is to photograph and experience as much of it’s beauty as possible. From Polar Bears and Walruses to Arctic Foxes and innumerable flocks of birds, this photo safari promises not only unbelievable photo opportunities but memories that will last you a lifetime.

In mid summer we can find Walruses in water, on the beaches or on ice floes. When conditions permit we go to the north-eastern parts of Svalbard were we even find the small Walrus cubs. Mid summer is a great time for bird photography in Svalbard, and we will have many opportunities to shoot birds at sea and ashore. Most birds stays in the high Arctic until the end of August before they start to move out to sea. This time of the year is also good if you dream of seeing the high Arctic specialties like the Ivory Gull.

So get your cameras ready – we go on an Ice Odyssey!

M/S Malmo

M/S Malmö has been in service for the Swedish Maritime Administration for many years as an ice-strengthened pilot ship. She was built 1943 in Helsingborg shipyard for the Maritime Administration and has been used as a mooring service vessel for laying out buoys, for marking of fairways, refueling of Kasun light houses with oil and water, for transport of acetylene to gas light houses, and also for ice breaking and pilot training. 

This ship has a lovely patina and has been listed as a traditional ship of cultural value since 2004.

During 2013/14 she was gently refurbished to retain her original charm. New navigation and safety equipment was installed and the vessel has passed all necessary inspections and safety checks required.  

M/S Malmö is a homely ship of maritime historical dignity, already loved by many. She is decorated in a classic style with an old fashioned Captain´s lounge and beautiful wooden decks. A perfect ship for a small group of photographers that need a lot of deck space.

The ship was reequipped for charter expeditions in 2013.

After the re-equipment a cozy dining room with a small bar was added, the majority of the cabins were equipped with a shower and WC. At the same time Malmo managed to preserve its out fashioned charm and fascination. In 2014 the boat began its new career as an expeditionary ship in the Arctic waters.   

An experienced Swedish team and a captain, that made hundreds of expeditions on the boats of the similar class in the waters of Svalbard, will make our voyage safe. At the same time our sea-dogs didn’t lose curiosity and hunger for adventure! Comparatively low vessel draft allows us to sail into fjords and bays that are closed for big cruise ships. In such places we can unite with wonderful animal nature of the archipelago and to make unique photos! Low Malmo’s sides and vast decks allow us to make photos from the right angle shooting animals even from the ship. That allows curious bears to come close to the ship and allows us to be safe at the same time. All illuminators in the ship’s cabins can be opened giving us unique shooting possibilities.

The main accommodation on board is a double cabin with facilities. All cabins have upper and lower berths. 5 out of 6 cabins have WC and a shower. There are also single and triple cabins. For more details see cabins and prices »
European cuisine is tasty and various on board. You can always have tea, coffee and drinks from the bar.
We won’t go (or almost won’t go) to the touristic sights such as the remnants of wintering unlucky explorers. There will be no crowds of tourists in red jackets in your viewfinders and nobody will scare away our funny walruses!



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